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Presenting Sales vs. Selling

1. Presenting Sales vs. Selling

In Pecknique #1, the Core Sales Model principles are put into action to elevate a salesperson’s professional status while at the same time enhancing a buyer’s perspective of what they do for a living. The reality that there is no standardized measure of value and how to transform personal “value” into genuine, long term prosperity is addressed. The process of being “respected” versus just being “liked” is initiated.

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Set Production

2. Set Production

In Pecknique #2, a foundation and strategies are developed within each person’s product and services that will establish the basis for meaningful transactions and healthier, more productive business relationships. Qualifying skills are honed and boundaries, responsibilities, and communication of solutions are delivered in a proactive way, at the right time, and for everyone’s benefit. Learn more

The Next ?

3. The Next ?

In Pecknique #3, a communication strategy is put into practice that will reduce unnecessary bad stress, elevate understanding, promote empathy and sharpen listening skills. Along the way help prospects and clients better define their needs and timeframes. Learn to disarm hot buttons and show that you care, all at the same time. Learn more

Sex, Death, and How to say Yes and No

4. Sex, Death, and How to Say Yes and No

In Pecknique #4, the complicated process of the “spontaneous yes” and being authentic is explored. Strategies to set realistic expectations, combat over commitment and burnout are delivered. Understanding your right to choose whom you want to work with and how it ultimately improves long-term production is reinforced. Learn more

Seven Wonders of the Word

5. Seven Wonders of the Word

In Pecknique #5, the simple use of powerful words and the influence they possess are detailed and expressed in various strategies and business situations. Awareness of negative connotations in common words and how to adjust to a more positive frame of mind within the sales process is explained. Learn more

Valuable Money

6. Valuable Money

In Pecknique #6, the program taps into the cardinal ingredients of our human nature and how the integration of these two facets, selling and human nature create wealth in the real world. Strategies and tools to understand your non-financial assets and liabilities, fully engage in your sales process on a daily basis and generate more valuable money are presented. Learn more

Visualization and Expectation

7. Visualization and Expectation

In Pecknique #7, members will learn an awareness of and strategy to infuse visualization into their sales process and beyond. Goals become an instrument of forward motion, not an end result. Worries and worse case scenarios are put into proper perspective. Creative stress is put to good use for everyone’s benefit. Ambitions are observed and calculated. Learn more

Desperately Seeking Approval

8. Desperately Seeking Approval

In Pecknique #8, the attitude, awareness and skills to embrace rejection and objections in sales and life are forged. Here the program promotes a level playing field from a self-esteem vantage point. The three types of prospects are identified and put to appropriate good use. An action plan to promote perseverance and persistence is introduced. Learn more

Decision Time

9. Positive Interaction

In Pecknique #9, concepts are explored to relieve pressure from personal hot buttons and develop new responses that will maintain momentum toward success. Virtues of healthy vulnerability and strategies to ask for help in proactive ways are delivered. A new comfort zone for the referral process is undertaken. Learn more

Decision Time

10. Decision Time

In Pecknique #10, members learn the value and intricacies of helping people make decisions and follow through on those decisions. Dialogues that identify timeframes and sense of urgency are used to prioritize workload and commitments. A framework to determine the decision making process and winning a competitive bidding situation is presented. Learn more

Intuitive Analysis

11. Intuitive Analysis

In Pecknique #11, members are asked to separate the thinking, logical side of sales/life and explore their intuitive skills and what often stands in their way of taking advantage of them. Gut feelings are given proper attention in business and tested in other avenues of life. Sales is viewed as both a business and an adventure while fears are acknowledged and put into perspective. Intellect and wisdom are incorporated into the sales process to maximize the resources available for accomplishment. Learn more

Intuitive Analysis

12. Waiting for Patience

In Pecknique #12, the value and virtue of patience is analyzed and its power incorporated into a sales, work, and life philosophy. A reconfigured approach to time management is developed that will enhance one’s experience of time. A structured art form of listening skills that encompass emotions and experiences along with thoughts and data is clearly articulated. Learn more



Access the full set of course material via mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Each type of device has its own customized interface. Experience PEXMethod when the mood strikes or necessity calls.

Content Module

Each Pecknique includes a module training that reviews, reminds and uniquely presents all the materials explored in each video sequence. Course retention runs high and everyone can use a friendly tap on the shoulder.


These are the twelve distinct categories of the sales process that comprise the Dynamic Programming aspect of PEXMethod. Each Pecknique includes a series of interactive videos, modules, life experiments, navigational tools and more.

Assessment Test

Completing each quiz is a requirement. A passing score, however, is not required unless a company sponsored training makes it a prerequisite. Each learner can manage the quiz as a learning tool. For example, retake the quiz until a satisfactory score is achieved.


For members being sponsored or reimbursed by employers, a Certificate of Completion is awarded as verification that all course material was activated, utilized and passing scores received on all assessment tests.

LMS Delivery

A modern digital training and coaching system that provides all course materials and support features. For enterprise members, custom administrative features can be executed to monitor employee engagement and success.

Video Sequence

Each Pecknique begins with a 3 to 4 lecture and interactive video series. 41 videos in all with an average length of 29 minutes. Member participation and exercises bring the material and concepts to life. Watch each video at your own pace and as often as you’d like.

Life Experiments

Each life experiment provides an opportunity to apply PEXMethod concepts into real life situations. Members can begin to mold the new skills and strategies into their own personality and business approach.

Life Coaching

The cross-training aspect of PEXMethod infuses reengineered sales skills into your life and empowering life skills into your work. This whole life professional sales training is about communication-integrity-perseverance-relationship-time-respect-value-balance-wealth. And so much more.

2 Membership Formats

Two choices! Two learning styles. For members who prefer a structured learning path, the Dynamic Programming Sequence format is for you. Members who prefer spontaneity in their learning environment will lean towards the Dynamic Programming Freeform format. See details on the Membership page.

Navigational Tools

Each Pecknique contains activities and strategies to guide and support you as you implement PEXMethod into your everyday sales and life. Sample dialogues, procedures, checklists and more.

Dynamic Programming

Dynamic Programming is the collection of simpler, manageable sub-challenges (Peckniques) that are sequentially arranged to solve the complex challenge of achieving success and balance in sales/work/life.

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Introduction to PEXMethod Training Videos

The true value of an educational process is measured by results, impact and positive change it generates, both right out of the gate and over the passage of time. We asked some professional salespeople who have experienced the methodology in Performance Equilibrium X-training over the years to share their thoughts.

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The Facilitator
Michael J. Peck

Michael J. Peck

President and Founder of
InsightLogic, LLC and Creator of
Performance Equilibrium X-training

Michael takes you on a journey. River deep, mountain high or in some cases, just around the corner. He delivers PEXMethod to just one person and that would be you. He takes into account that each person is dealing with different circumstances, ambitions and emotions at any given time. The challenge and the intrigue is how each individual embraces the content and makes it their own.
Professional Sales Training, Life Coaching and Mentoring are Michael’s passion and promise throughout this one of a kind experience.

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