About - Michael Peck

Creator and Facilitator

President and Founder of InsightLogic, LLC
Creator of PEXMethod.com
mjpeck@pexmethod.com / 415-205-0808

Michael J. Peck’s expertise in innovative sales strategies and his passion in the field of personal consciousness has been inspired over the course of an enlightening and rewarding 30+ year career in professional sales and business development. He has experienced the full spectrum of sales, from the “hundred cold calls a day” at Merrill Lynch to the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies. His fields of expertise include investment and financial planning, insurance, banking, real estate, corporate sponsorship, fundraising, and retail. He achieved success as Director of Corporate Relations for the America’s Cup Syndicate from San Francisco and as a Mortgage Consultant/Banker with both distinguished national banks and local Bay Area firms.

Michael has long been intrigued by the dynamics governing prosperity and disparity. Over the past three decades, he has interviewed, coached, and worked with thousands of salespeople. He applied this experience and used the “sales process” itself as a platform to reengineer traditional mechanics of selling and to pioneer an ingenious methodology that taps incisively into the cardinal ingredients of human nature. The integration of these two facets, selling and human nature and how they create wealth and equilibrium in sales, work, and life, comprise PEXMethod.

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