The Method - LMS-Delivery

PEXMethod utilizes a modern learning management system (LMS) to deliver all course content and support professionals throughout their learning experience.

Once signed up and logged into the LMS, learners have access to the Catalog where courses are selected and the enrollment process is completed. Instructions, Procedures and a Curriculum Index are included in each training course to help learners efficiently and effectively engage with the program. Throughout the enrollment period, all content (videos, modules, quizzes and support documents) can be reviewed and revisited to help members retain and put lessons learned into action.

The LMS allows an individual to learn at their own pace and wherever the internet is available. Accessibility on all devices enable flexibility while traveling, prepping for a sales presentation or relaxing in the hammock.

learning management system
For members being sponsored or reimbursed by employers, the LMS will issue a Certificate of Completion to verify all course material was activated, utilized and passing scores received on all assessment tests.

The user friendly nature of LMS delivery will customize your own learning curve, deepen the knowledge you extract and make the entire procedure seamless and rewarding.

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