InsightLogic, LLC is dedicated to helping sales professionals achieve success and balance in their work/life experience by providing a powerful methodology that delivers sales training, life coaching and mentoring via a fully integrated online learning management system. InsightLogic Co. launched its first Art of Experience Sales Training Program in 1996.

Clients included Merrill Lynch, Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase.

Over the years individual salespeople from a variety of industries have participated in the program. The decision was made over the past two years to redesign the training methodology, upgrade data management, streamline marketing and incorporate modern delivery technologies to meet the needs of individuals and companies who exchange products, services and ideas for money, investment or goodwill.

Performance Equilibrium X-training or PEXMethod takes a unique whole life approach that brings everyday Sales/Work/Life aspects into clear focus that enables each member to experience a real life classroom they can relate to. The virtual one-on-one workshop environment generates more involvement, deeper learning and increased impact on the bottom-line.

Our Past Clients

Our Past Clients
Our Past Clients
Our Past Clients

Creator and Facilitator


Michael J. Peck is the President and Founder of InsightLogic, LLC and Creator of PEXMethod (Performance Equilibrium X-training Methodology). His expertise in innovative sales strategies and his passion in the field of personal consciousness have been inspired over the course of an enlightening and rewarding 30+ year career in professional sales and business development.
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As a business owner who is married with four children age 7-15, the most precious resource I have is time. The skills, strategies and awareness learned through PEXMethod migrate seamlessly throughout the various aspects of my work and personal life. From parenting to community non-profit board meetings or major sales presentations, PEXMethod helps me achieve positive outcomes while affording me more time to experience what life has to offer.
Jim Gebhardt, President and Wealth Advisor - Gebhardt Group, Inc.
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