The Method - Skills & Benefits

  • Develop a personal formula to analyze and communicate individual and company value in a concise, powerful manner
  • Learn and practice qualifying skills that help fill the pipeline with real prospects
  • Ability to determine if you’re going to be in a competitive situation and how to set yourself apart in the early stages
  • Reconfigure your perception of professional sales and how clients and prospects experience you
  • Enhance self-esteem and mutual respect throughout the sales process
  • See the connection between improved professional sales status, enthusiasm, energy and sales production
  • Develop positive persuasion strategies for sales, work, and life situations
  • Achieve the status of being respected versus just being liked sooner in the sales process
Pecknique #2: SET PRODUCTION
  • Build a foundation and increase the odds for a productive business transaction
  • Create another opportunity to communicate the value of your personal and business capabilities
  • Know how to set realistic expectations and avoid entanglements
  • Incorporate a powerful qualifying tool to determine the sincerity of a prospect
  • Flush out potential competitive situations to help avoid major surprises later on
  • Strategy to turn competitive situations to your advantage
  • Create a model for building healthy boundaries around all relationships
  • Take advantage of being accountable and asking others to be accountable in return
  • Cure “communication malpractice” and avoid the complications it causes
  • Reduce unnecessary work, stress and missed opportunities
  • Learn a powerful concept that transforms conversations with clarity and understanding 
  • Help clients and prospects clearly understand their own intentions
  • Expand your capacity for listening and working with correct information
  • Convey empathy with minimal energy and show that you care
  • Diffuse conflicts, minimize implications and reduce confusion
  • Keep everyone on the same page and generate respect
  • Improve buyer commitment ratios and avoid unnecessary rejection
  • Learn how to generate trust and avoid broken commitments
  • Understanding the power of reserving your right to choose who you want to work with
  • Being authentic and communicating realistic expectations are reinforced
  • Become aware of your limitations and desired work/life balance on a daily basis
  • Say yes or no for the right reasons and in the most effective way
  • Help buyers understand timeframes and sense of urgency
  • Establish more reasons to be respected within and outside of your business endeavors
  • Generate more self-confidence in your delivery of ideas and ability to listen
  • Positive word association sets the tone for future conversations and meetings
  • Create awareness of negative framing and increase energy and enthusiasm for the daily demands you face
  • Generate immediate influence over a prospect’s perception of your value and intentions
Pecknique #6: VALUABLE MONEY
  • Tap into external motivation and internal inspiration when the need arises
  • Learn to identify a client’s intentions and possible warning signs before it’s too late
  • Utilize the concept of valuable money when it’s time to negotiate
  • Access higher levels of self worth and not discount your value or service
  • Maximize your strengths and identify areas that need your attention
  • Improve personal relationship with money and financial success
  • Achieve more balance between work and personal life
  • Create more awareness of the choices available to you
  • Infuse strategic visualization into actionable business plans
  • Create space for positive thinking and seeing outside the “box”
  • Worries and creative stress become manageable concerns to be prioritized
  • Increases awareness of the power of the present moment
  • Improve mindfulness and short-term focus
  • Establish personal definition of wealth and how to enjoy it
  • Expand your ability to accept outcomes out of your control
  • Develop attitude and skills to respond instead of react to challenging situations
  • Develop the confidence to contact, meet and present to prospects at all levels
  • Expand mutual respect theme into both business and personal relationships
  • See beyond rejection and celebrate approvals more often
  • Seek opportunities to hone new presenting skills in low priority sales situation
  • How to engage a genuine prospect and disengage from one with false intentions
  • Dialogues to keep prospect engaged when answers are not readily available
  • Increase energy and enthusiasm to fuel perseverance and persistence without crossing the line
  • Learn steps to maximizing benefits of feedback
  • Establish relationships and avoid entanglements
  • See how ambition, integrity, and authenticity enter the game
  • Understand hot buttons and behavioral replacement
  • Experience power of positive vulnerability and beneficial opportunities it creates
  • Achieve highest form of competition without focusing on winning or losing
Pecknique #10: DECISION TIME
  • Dialogues to communicate the value and benefits of making decisions sooner versus later
  • Learn to close without ever having to “go for the close”
  • How to determine if competitive situation is fair or you’re just being used
  • Strategy to determine buyer’s decision making process up front and minimize “surprises” at the end
  • Generate respect and potential for future business even when buyer’s decision is no
  • Increase the odds of a “Yes” and clearly communicate next steps
  • Understand situations where leaving options open (non-committal) will maximize stress and deplete energy
  • Develop skills to be a more decisive decision maker
  • Develop the ability to identify, tap into and trust your natural gift of intuition
  • Learn to utilize a broader range of your intellectual and emotional resources
  • How to counter balance common limitations and barriers to sales productivity
  • Begin a process of staying in the present moment when future fear arrives
  • Consciously discern what is controllable and out of your control per situation
  • Gradually experience the art of letting go once all responsible actions are taken
  • Learn technique to develop and practice patience as a strategy in everyday situations
  • See how patience allows you to wait much faster and support a positive attitude and improved outcomes
  • Understand and utilize the warrior competency of time and patience
  • Access and convey new levels of empathy with deeper meaning in everyday conversations
  • Consciously manage your experience of time and not let time control you
  • Learn the master plan of Listening for Others to nurture fertile ground for relationships to flourish
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