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The true value of an educational process is measured by results, impact, and positive change it generates, both right out of the gate and over the passage of time. We asked some professional salespeople who have experienced the methodology in Performance Equilibrium X-training over the years to share their thoughts. View the video and comments below:

PEXMethod’s Mastermind Select is the most productive and holistic sales development program ever, and I’ve seen them all in our industry! The weekly virtual cohort sessions elevated the peer-to-peer learning experience, team building and performance.

Tim Proschold, COO - Sereno Group

My exposure to PEXMethod training over the years gives me a unique vantage point to share. I use the methodology on a daily basis, not just in my sales life but also in my life. Instead of compartmentalizing the different segments of our lives, the program teaches skills and insights that one is able to interconnect and apply to both business and personal life scenarios. Having your own personal sales training program on demand with no distraction is a real advantage. During my career, I’ve taken every highly rated training course that crossed my desk. If I had only one from which to choose, PEXMethod is the one I’d sign up for.

Karen Z. Hardesty, Realtor - Sotheby’s International Realty

As a business owner who is married with four children age 7-15, the most precious resource I have is time. The skills, strategies and awareness learned through PEXMethod migrate seamlessly throughout the various aspects of my work and personal life. From parenting to community non-profit board meetings or major sales presentations, PEXMethod helps me achieve positive outcomes while affording me more time to experience what life has to offer.

Jim Gebhardt, President and Wealth Advisor - Gebhardt Group, Inc.

PEXMethod concepts on abundance, sufficiency and true wealth generate a positive frame of mind when preparing for sales presentations or a day with the family. Stating boundaries and making conscious choices about whom and how to work with potential clients is empowering. Dialogues and strategies to confidently set realistic expectations are invaluable. PEXMethod recognizes that we all come from different mindsets and backgrounds. The program is individually tailored to let you be you, just a better you.

Kathleen Clifford, Realtor - Compass

When I incorporate the Peckniques into my business process they come off naturally and become genuinely me. PEXMethod is real life situations and real life answers for the problems everyone faces in the professional world. I’ve learned more from this program than all the business books in my library or events I’ve attended. To have this training at my beckon call on my computer is a no brainer. The PEXMethod process is basic but amazing and genius at the same time.
Dare I say, life changing.

Deb Florez, Professional Photographer - New York City

After 25+ years of experience in commercial insurance, I was thrilled to discover how your method of presenting opportunities, offering information and knowledge and helping potential clients make decisions establishes the foundation for “true” business relationships. PEXMethod tools for stating boundaries, responsibilities and value provide an ideal model for the inherently unstructured phenomenon called sales. While production is up, stress is down.

Michael McNulty, Area Managing Director - Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

The key to success in selling my company’s new product has been communicating my personal value during the initial conversation with new prospects. It makes all the difference in the world. I was able to do this thanks to PEXMethod. The insights, dialogues and gems are brilliant when it come to prospecting and qualifying new business opportunities. The decision-making strategies have proven beneficial for my clients and life changing for me when it comes to making my own decisions, both big and small. PEXMethod goes where no sales training has gone before. You’ll love it!

Doris Le, Account Manager - Stonecrest Financial
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