Companies, just like people, are all different. Companies also employ people, who are all different. They come from various socio-economic backgrounds and possess unique skills, emotions, ambitions and all the rest.

From a training and development standpoint, each company, at any given time, operates under unique circumstances. Your sales agents, advisors or associates encompass the full spectrum of experience and levels of success.

Enterprise Advisory Solutions addresses this reality. Whether it’s our Mastermind Select programs or membership in our modern online curriculum and training system, a dynamic solution through collaboration, customization, and execution can be efficiently designed to meet a company’s situation and needs, both near and long term.


It starts with a conversation with the founder and creator of PEXMethod, Michael Peck. Questions, listening, and feedback will help determine the answer to this important question; Do we have the basis for taking steps to develop a successful business relationship?

Topics for discussion include:

  • Sophistication of clientele and services
  • Sales team competency levels and needs
  • Scope, timeframes, and sense of urgency
  • Company management involvement
  • Volume pricing structure and ROI decisions
  • Vision and aspects of company directives for sales production

PEXMethod is not meant to fully replace, but is intended to add to the investment already made in your company’s training platform and broaden the scope and sophistication of its content.


Your company may need to:

  • Reward and develop top performers
  • Transform the company’s sales culture
  • Add a complementary curriculum to existing training platform

A custom experience of PEXMethod can be designed to fit your company’s unique needs and budget requirements.

Available features and options include:

  • Mastermind Select programs for elite and high potential producers
  • Customized company branded portal
  • Management support and monitoring features
  • Social collaboration available for team members
  • Value add custom messaging, discussions, feedback, and spot coaching
  • Company specific curriculum and delivery standards


Efficient and effective training demands dynamic, relevant content, accessibility, functionality and accountability. A state-of-the-art, online training system that accounts for all these features and benefits, is priceless.

An advisory implementation of PEXMethod would include:

  • Mastermind Select programs to reward a company’s best and brightest
  • Pilot Programs to evaluate and test results
  • Easy member enrollment and learning path procedures
  • Flexible grading scales, achievement awards and certificates
  • Administrative set up for monitoring employee progress
  • Notification, messaging, and engagement set up

Designing a customized experience of PEXMethod for your company will optimize what trainees have learned from previous sales training and instill a new approach to success and balance into their current sales, work, and life.

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