Mastermind Select


The Conundrum

How do elite sales professionals sustain high levels of success, equilibrium, and fulfillment in a rapidly changing and highly competitive business environment? How do they cultivate a healthy balance of inspiration, motivation, and purpose within their sales, work, and life?

As we move deeper into the digital age, here’s what we found elite sales professionals are experiencing:

What they feel…

Continual pressure


Worry about falling behind

Fear of missing out

Elusive peace of mind

Runaway time element

What they want…

Meaningful challenges

Joyful accomplishment

Sense of abundance

Healthy stress

Continued learning


What is Needed…

A modern learning experience that transcends traditional sales and empowers them to reach elevated levels of performance, core values, purpose, relationships, and fulfillment while leveling-up sophisticated sales competencies.

The Mastermind Select Solution


Mastery Studio and are collaborating to offer a modern and innovative approach that empowers elite sales professionals on their journey of mastery and career fulfillment. By combining the PEXMethod Sales/Work/Life Equilibrium curriculum with a mastermind group format and executive/performance coaching, companies are able to support and elevate their sales teams to the next level and beyond.

Mastermind Cohort Sessions

A Mastermind Cohort accelerates learning, growth, and execution by leveraging the collaborative energy of the members. Each of the weekly remote group sessions allows ample time for discussion of “homework,” peer-to-peer brainstorming, and reflection. Sessions are facilitated by Stephen Graziani, an executive and performance coach with extensive experience leading sales organizations, and Michael J. Peck, the creator of PEXMethod sales training system and online platform.

Sophisticated Sales Development Curriculum

PEXMethod’s modern training system and extensive sales, work, and life curriculum is presented in 12 courses. Each course contains a lecture and interactive video series, content module, life experiments, navigational tools, and assessment test. Additional system features support the learning process and accountability.

One to One Coaching

Each member has access to one-to-one coaching to explore personal challenges, clarify goals, development strategies, reinforce learning, and tackle obstacles to prosperity.

Mastermind Select only works with the Best

To achieve superior results, we encourage our clients to invite high performing and/or high potential sales professionals who possess the following attributes:

  • Aspirations for greater personal and professional development
  • A desire to expand their self-awareness
  • Curiosity to look beyond their perceived limitations and status quo
  • Confidence and vulnerability to seek new learning experiences
  • A willingness to contribute to and be supported by the group

Mastermind Cohorts are exclusively offered to sales professionals in these categories:

Elite Status

  • Consistently in the top echelon, year after year
  • Strive to expand product knowledge and skills
  • Need to balance work/life time element

Elite Challengers

  • Good performers with the potential be great
  • Exhibit competency and do the work
  • Internal struggle to take it to the next level

Elite Potentials

  • New to sales with prior business experience
  • Possess intellect and drive to succeed
  • Need guidance to reach full potential

Program Options

Mastermind Elite

  • 12 Weekly Group Sessions
  • Total PEXMethod Curriculum
  • 1 Year Access to Courseware
  • Six 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Mastermind Pro

  • 10 Weekly Group Sessions
  • Total PEXMethod Curriculum
  • 9 Month Access to Courseware
  • Four 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Mastermind Core

  • 9 Weekly Group Sessions
  • Reduced PEXMethod Curriculum
  • 6 Month Access to Courseware
  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions Optional

Payment Options

We will help you design a payment structure that works best for your company and for your sales leaders. These are the three most common models:

Company Sponsorship

  • Company pays enrollment fee and actively monitors the program

Shared Sponsorship

  • Predetermined variations of shared payment and reimbursement options

Direct Enrollment

  • Sales leaders are expected to pay upfront enrollment fees

A Learning Experience that is One Step Beyond

Renewed Passion

Skill Enhancement

Richer Relationships

Work/Life Equilibrium

Return on Investment

Greater Fluidity in Work

Performance Improvement

The Facilitators

President and Founder of InsightLogic, LLC
Creator of / 415-205-0808
Michael J. Peck’s expertise in innovative sales strategies and his passion in the field of personal consciousness has been inspired over the course of an enlightening and rewarding 30+ year career in professional sales and business development. He has experienced the full spectrum of sales, from the “hundred cold calls a day” at Merrill Lynch to the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies. His fields of expertise include investment and financial planning, insurance, banking, real estate, corporate sponsorship, fundraising, and retail. He achieved success as Director of Corporate Relations for the America’s Cup Syndicate from San Francisco and as a Mortgage Consultant/Banker with both distinguished national banks and local Bay Area firms.

Michael has long been intrigued by the dynamics governing prosperity and disparity. Over the past three decades, he has interviewed, coached, and worked with thousands of salespeople. He applied this experience and used the “sales process” itself as a platform to reengineer traditional mechanics of selling and to pioneer an ingenious methodology that taps incisively into the cardinal ingredients of human nature. The integration of these two facets, selling and human nature and how they create wealth and equilibrium in sales, work, and life, comprise PEXMethod.

CEO / Executive Coach / Workforce Consultant
Mastery Studio / Workforce Matrix, Inc / 415-350-8847
Stephen Graziani leverages over 30 years of sales leadership and workforce development in the technology industry to help business leaders and their teams succeed. Since 2014, he has provided executive coaching, workshops, and strategic and tactical consulting to companies in a variety of industries, including technology, professional services, healthcare, financial services, and real estate.

Steve has an MBA, is a graduate of the Columbia University Coaching Certification Program (CCCP), and is a certified Human Capital Strategist (HCI). As an executive coach, he uses an evidence-based coaching process, positive psychology, and a framework for Mastery in the digital age, to help his clients accelerate performance and fulfill their professional and personal agendas. As a consultant, Steve has developed end-to-end sales processes and workforce solutions spanning the entire talent lifecycle, go-to-market strategies, and sales development training.

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