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All training content in the Learning Management System is presented in a sequential format. An assessment test follows the training videos and content modules of each Pecknique. A passing score is required on all tests in order to receive a certificate of completion. For a group registration of 20 or more a company can designate an administrator to monitor employee progress during a mandated completion period.

No. The decision to become a member or sponsor a sales team is a profound choice. Being vested in the outcome of any endeavor helps maximize input and output. Having “skin in the game” is the best way to assure you get your money’s worth out of the training.

You be the judge. For example, an extension program at a major university offers a two-day sales development workshop for $1,750. Several sales training companies offer group semi-customized, in person workshops costing $5,000+ per trainee. Missed sales opportunities, travel and other related expenses not included.

For Individual Registration (SOLO) the yearly pay plan is discounted versus the monthly pay plan. Volume discounts for company sponsorship are provided. Association members may also be entitled to discounts. Please review the pricing page on our Website for more details.

There is one module per Pecknique. Each module presents key material from each Video Sequence to enhance the absorption and retention rate.

Yes. A good Internet connection is required.

We wanted to allow enough time for members to absorb, practice and retain the depth of the content and receive on-going support as needed.Membership can be renewed on an annual basis for a reduce fee.

Every product or service in capitalism is monetized and requires a price to be paid. The higher the real value received in return for that price the larger the positive ratio.

The common thread that connects selling and buying across all industries and products is the human element. Presenting, closing and servicing are all aspects of any selling process. Terms and procedures may vary but everything leading up to asking for the business is universal.

The training methodology centers on the universal sales process. The concepts, strategies and dialogues can be applied to any product, service or industry that requires human-to-human communication and interaction.

Yes! A renewal notice will be sent out a month prior to membership expiration. A renewal fee of $500 can be paid online to extend membership an additional twelve months, allowing continued access to member privileges.

No! The methodology is designed so that each Pecknique in the sequence acts as a building block that supports the next. Once each video and content module is completed in the proper order, the course training material for that individual Pecknique can be reviewed as often as desired.

Each video blog will be posted for a six-month timeframe. New video-blogs will be posted roughly every two weeks.

Plans for live events in the future are being formulated. Based on member demand mid-2019 will be the target. Stay tuned!

Upon completing the curriculum in proper order and receiving passing scores on all assessment tests, an official Certificate of Completion will be forwarded to each member. The certificate can be used for reimbursement from employer or to satisfy company requirements.

Prior to kick-starting a group training, the sponsoring company can designate a representative to monitor employee progress through the Learning Management System. The LMS Delivery makes administrating the account simple and efficient.

Sales professionals, independent contractors and business owners who belong to Associations or Groups that officially endorse PEXMethod can receive a discount of 5-15% off the membership fee. The amount of discount is based on total number of members served by the Association/Group. Full details can be found in the Affiliated section located on the Membership/Category page.

Unless your sponsoring company sets time requirements for completion, PEXMethod can be accessed at one’s own pace. Members can stay engaged in the full set of course materials as long as their membership is active.

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